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The Virtual Reality for Industrial Design project is the product of this strategic alliance between and Kjousul srl, one of the most exciting Italian company in virtual reality, augmented reality and associated advanced audio-visual technology. 

The challenge is to bring the revolutionary aspects of virtual reality to the world of industrial design, so as to provide planners, car, yacht, airplane and fashion designers and industries or companies with powerful new tools so that their projects can be experienced. 

The technique is based on the development of the Digital Mock Up model (DMU), backed by CAD solid modelling systems – which are used in their most advanced way in conjunction with VR

Virtual reality brings a new dimension industrial design and construction. The future is now!

virtual reality industrial design
industrial design virtual reality

Simultaneous Architecture

Virtual and mixed reality are revolutionizing 3D sketching, digital twin creation, and design collaboration across a range of industries such as the car industry, aeronautics, shipbuilding and fashion. The benefits of virtual and mixed reality across the industrial design value chain are really big. The natural goal for VR as it develops in the field of Architectural Planning is simultaneous architecture (SA).

Generative Design

ML (Machine Learning) algorithms are used in this iterative design process to imitate how engineers approach design. With generative design, designers input design criteria through specialized software that generates all possible designs based on factors like materials, dimensions, etc. Producers may quickly create dozens of design possibilities for a single product.

Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world physical system or product (a physical twin) that serves as the indistinguishable digital counterpart of it for practical purposes, such as system simulation, integration, testing, monitoring, and maintenance. Visualization tools will enable human operators to quickly grasp how components or processes fit into the larger production chain.

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