artificial intelligence


Our Lab pioneers new research combining all aspects of your organisation’s systems, processes and standards
into one smart system implementing

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Extended Reality, Distributed Ledgers, Integrated Management Systems (IMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems & Processes.

Our solutions will let you save time and increase efficiency in these fields

Health & Safety, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Digital Strategy (Web Design, SEO, SEM)
Logistics & Supply Chain, Compliance to ISO Standards
ISO 9001 & ISO 9004 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 19011 (MS Audit Guidelines)
ISO 22301 (Business Continuity), ISO 27001 (IT Security), ISO 28001 (Supply Chain Security)
ISO 31000 (Risk Management), ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery), ISO 45001 (Health & Safety)

We will be a driver of this change, attracting brilliant, original thinkers who will dream up technological advances
that truly improve our collective existence.


A world where computing empowers people and enhances all human experiences.


Fearlessness + Enthusiasm
We are not afraid to imagine the impossible.  Passion drives us to find the right solutions to tough challenges.

Creativity + Intelligence
We are not tethered to dogma or convention.  We celebrate original solutions that are not just practical, but also inspired, bold, surprising, and elegant.

Diversity + Collaboration
Our Lab enables collaboration among professionals, consultants, students, faculties (MIT, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino), and staff with a multitude of interests, opinions, and backgrounds.  We emphasize service, collegiality, mentorship, and self-improvement. We work together to achieve excellence in all aspects of our research, education, and enterprise services.

Confidence + Openness
We are proud of what we have accomplished.  At the same time, we understand that progress is impossible without an open mind: the willingness to ask questions and seek help, the desire to listen, and the confidence to celebrate the successes of others.

We are excited about what the future holds, whether in 5 years or 50 years.  We know that we will continue to push the boundary of what’s possible, developing innovations that both improve the way we live and inspire future generations of scientists and technologists.

Mutual Respect + Empathy + Inclusion
We strive to have our Lab be a welcoming place where all the members feel supported, safe, and valued.

Integrity + Fairness + Transparency + Accountability
We act with honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We take responsibility for our decisions, are open to feedback, and maintain truthful communications.

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

Luigi Romano